Forget the Footnotes

A perfect picture of myself

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The final results of the first on-line poll are now in. As you remember I asked what you think of the content of the blog. The results are:

  • truly scandalous, punishable: 2% (1)
  • a bit pretentious, otherwise ok: 14% (7)
  • thought-provoking (and a great way to recruit students): 60% (30)
  • self-indulgent, if occasionally somewhat witty: 24% (12)

Total Votes : 50

I’d like to think that this result presents a perfect picture of who I am — 60% tought-provoking, 24% self-indulgent, 14% pretentious and 2% truly scandalous. If that’s the case, why is the blog giving such an accurate picture of myself and how come the opinion of the 50 voters picked up on this so perfectly?

Or maybe I’m flattering myself — maybe it should be 60% ‘provoking’ — no thought!

Special thanks to the voters who expressed their conviction that blogs of this kind actually could help recruit students. Of course you’re right! I hope the students recruited in this fashion will be thoroughly thought-provoking, self-indulgent, pretentious and scandalous.


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