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Judging a book

by the cover is something you shouldn’t do, apparently. Too bad for me. The cover of my Surviving Capitalism really makes the volume jump out from the selves of any academic bookstore. It promises a fun and easy read. Well Anthem Press is good at these things.

The question is whether they can come up with something equally effective for another book of mine which will be out early next year, Why Europe Was First: Social Change and Economic Growth in Europe and East Asia, 1500-2050. The illustrator has come up with the following three ideas:

option 1

option 2

option 3I think I prefer the first one. In fact, I’m pretty sure I do. Roller-coasters provide a good way of illustrating the ups and downs of the economy. (No, it’s not Osama Bin Laden who the dragon is chasing, it’s an early modern European).

Btw, it is now possible to pre-order the book. It’s a mere $16.47 in the U.S.; �14.99 in the U.K. and ? 3,636 in Japan.


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