Hölderlin & his teachers

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KMT, the old Guomindang, won 72 % of the seats in today’s parliamentary elections, pushing back president Chen’s party to a mere 24 %. The KMT leader, Ma Yingjiu — above — is obviously well positioned to replace Chen after the presidential election on March 22 (but he’ll need to take off that red suit first).

In related news, Malawi switched its diplomatic allegiance away from Taiwan and to China, PRC, yesterday. Clearly the Malawians could no longer be bought off with Taiwanese money. Besides China is trying very hard to get a foothold in Africa. Taiwan now only has 23 friends in the world.

Lots of foreigners in Taiwan, and many of the ex-pat bloggers, are very pro-Chen. Having invested time and effort getting settled here, they go native by going pro-independence. Of course it makes you feel much better to side with the little guy. And who wants to be a part of a Communist dictatorship, right?

Well, I’m an anti-nationalist by inclination and it’s surely very foolish to stir up tensions with the mainland. Expats can always go home if there is a war. They risk nothing. Besides “independence” is such an outdated, 19th century, notion. There is no independence in today’s world and it’s a stupid thing to die for.  I’d vote for the man in the Santa suit.