Payback time

The results of the American mid-term election are now in. The House is in the hands of the Democrats, the Senate too, Rumsfeld is leaving, Bush is acknowledging that the outcome of the election “has something to do with Iraq.” These results have almost restored my faith in America and its people.

Of course the rest of the world saw the Iraq disaster coming already three years ago. We tried to tell you Americans about it. Three years is a long time in an era of instantaneous communications but the walls that protect Middle America from the rest of the world are also very thick. You Americans don’t know what goes on in the world and as a result you make horrible mistakes. But I’m glad the messages eventually reached you. I’m glad you seem to understand, that you react, try to set things right. You Americans aren’t stupid after all, only about three years too slow.

What must happen now is a thorough investigation of the lies and misrepresentations that led to the invasion. Bush must be impeached. Americans owe it to themselves and to the rest of us. If the crimes of Tony Blair are investigated in the process, democracy in Britain might be restored too.