Forget the Footnotes

Google search terms

This is kinda interesting: a list of the recent Google search terms that have taken web-surfers to this site.

  • bigpricks
  • US PhDs better than UK PhDs
  • cecile fabre zlatko PhD take to court
  • “sprung a leak”
  • unofficial guide to lse
  • killing Tony Blair
  • eric ringmar lse
  • acromegaly in horses
  • career day speeches
  • “ain’t no altars on this long and lonesome road”
  • getting laid in hsinchu
  • lse freedom of speech blog
  • swedish girls are so beautiful
  • US mid-term elections
  • dooced from the LSE
  • famous lse anthropologists
  • what are footnotes and their importance
  • howard davies utter fool of himself
  • why I hate IKEA

Diane suspects it’s MI5 or the CIA that googles for “killing Tony Blair.” I’m telling her they have more sophisticated methods of catching terrorists. I’m right, aren’t I?


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