Forget the Footnotes

Sidney Blumenthal, operator

Of course the Clintons would never stoop to race baiting tactics themselves.  They leave it to their operators to do that – people like Sidney Blumenthal, the man Bill relied on to clean up the Monica Lewinsky mess.

I have personal experiences of how Blumenthal operates.  His niece applied to do a Master’s degree in the program I was in charge of in London.  Unusually, I was sent an applicant’s file not from the Admissions Office, as always was the case, but instead straight from the Office of the LSE Director — at that time Anthony Giddens.  In the file was a handwritten note from “Sid” to “Tony,” making the case that accepting his niece to do a degree at the LSE would be a wonderful opportunity to “continue to deepen our trans-Atlantic ties.”

I was just trying to figure out why the file came from Giddens and why that mysterious note was included, when the phone rang.  It was David Held, notorious important-person wanna-be.  “Did you see the application from Blumentahl’s niece?” he asked.  “Yes,” I replied, “it’s right here on my desk.”  “Well, you should consider it very carefully,” Held continued, “Just read the name again.  It’s BLUMENTHAL, OK?  That Blumenthal.”

Of course I didn’t miss out on such an opportunity to take the moral high ground.  I wrote an email to Blumenthal, Giddens and Held and informed them all that I was in charge of admissions and that I resented any external meddling.  It was totally out of order to slip handwritten notes into a file or to make phone calls pressurizing me.  Besides the niece’s grades were far below what we usually were prepared to accept.

I heard back from Giddens within a few hours and he was very apologetic and could not for the life of him understand how that note got included in the application.  Blumenthal and Held never got in touch.

This, I guess, is how the power elite reproduces itself.


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