The US isn’t, it turns out, the best country in the world.  It’s only at 12th place (and 42nd in terms of life expectancy).  This according to a “human development index” devised by Nobel prize winning economist Amartya Sen.  And what country is number 1?  Well, Sweden of course.  Where else?

In one of the lectures I give on political economy, I develop a similar point.  With welfare and health care and education and support for families and children, Sweden is indeed Paradise on Earth.  The only thing about paradise, however, is that it’s so damn boring.  You get fed up playing harp all day long.  Who wants to live there?  I’m far happier here in chaotic, and less than perfect, East Asia.

Btw, isn’t it fishy that the Swedes gave Amartya Sen a Nobel Prize for discovering that Sweden is the best country in the world?