the keys to the kingdom

I’m going into the hospital for the operation and it’s not quite clear what’s going to happen after that.  I’d better hand over as much responsibility as possible to Diane and the kids.  I’ve taught Beata how to wash clothes and hang them up; I’ve briefed Diane on how to update my web pages and on assorted money matters.

The question remaining concerned access codes to the internet.  I used the same master password for practically all web sites and I’ve used the same one for years.  It’s literally the keys to the kingdom.  Diane has always known the password.  But I thought it would be a good idea to let Saga know.  I asked her to sit down and we talked about it.  With some solemnity I told her the password.  Poor things.  She immediately realized the gravity of the situation and the implications of what I was doing.  She was too shook up; she didn’t pay attention.  When I asked her the following morning, she didn’t remember the password at all.


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