Erik’s shower and a short walk

Erik was feeling very positive last night, and he sat up in a chair for a little while. This morning he felt a bit down again and worried. He is getting better everyday though and this morning I helped him take a shower being careful not to get the various wires connected to him wet. After the shower the doctor came and said he could take out the drain. That was a big relief, and means it is getting closer to the time that we will know when we can go home. We had a short walk around the ward and looked out all the windows at the typhoon. This morning Erik got to talk to Yrsa and Rima who are being cared for in Hsinchu by their very lovely kindergarten teacher–the biggest worry there is that Rima has not done a poo since we left her on Thursday but I assured her teacher that it will arrive at some point. Now Erik is having a nice rest and I will try and see what is open downstairs to get something very soft for him to eat. Thanks again for all your messages, Erik likes to hear them when he wakes up.




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