and then the web pages crashed

Just to add extra drama, this web page crashed last night.  In fact my whole server went down.  Usually when that happens I can restart it by logging in through a back-door, but now this wasn’t even possible.  Without a blog, there is no way to update you and no way to get feed-back.  For the first time, and despite Diane being here in the room with me, I felt both alone and scared.

I wrote an email to VPSLink in Seattle, the people responsible for the hardware.  My first note was technical, my second note emotional.  “I’m in a cancer hospital in Taipei, Taiwan.  My web page keeps me in contact with family and friends.  Yes, it means a lot to me.  No, I haven’t made backups recently because I’ve been too busy dying.”  The poor over-worked, under-paid, VPSLink employee.  “What will these customers think of next?”

VPSLink did what they always do.  They blamed me for the fault, and then, as if by coincidence, they restored the page and everything is now running smoothly again.

I’m as dependent on this web page as I am on painkiller.

August 1 update: apologies to VPSLink. It really was my fault that the server crashed. The disk was simply full. I’ve deleted a lot of old files and everything should run much smoother. Apologies to my readers too. I’m releaved since I’ll be relying heavily on this blog page in the coming week.


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