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chicken run

Thanks for all the comments after our crisis last night.  They are incredibly helpful.  Your wisdom and knowledge of cancer make it possible for us to start thinking of different alternatives.  We are trying, despite all odds, to stay positive.  Thanks to you, this is how we are thinking about it now:

  • those “spots” and “shadows” might not be malignant.  They could be the result of something quite unrelated. These things, after all, happen.  Not even the doctors will know before they make a biopsy.
  • even if they are malignant, they must be very, very recent developments.  As luck has it, I had a health check-up as late as on May 13, 2008.  At that time they investigated liver and lungs and came up with nothing (in addition, I had two lung scans in April).  If they now have detected something new, it must be a very early detection indeed.
  • there are ways of treating also these multiple cases of cancer in various organs.  The doctors here in Taipei are 100 % competent to carry this out, and they all seem to be eager to go for it.
  • I have no alternative but to fight this with all the strength I got.  I have a wife and four small children who depend on me.  All I need is to be shown a path and I will follow it.

Today there is nothing scheduled.  No tests, no doctor’s verdicts.  We are trying to look into alternative ways of getting treatment here in Taipei.  We don’t need better doctors, but we need doctors who can communicate better with their patients.


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