“number 100 to counter 5 please”

Tuesday (Aug 5) is the big day.  That’s when I’ll be given information about the tests I took last week: the biopsy from the operation and the big PET scan.  That’s make or break day for me; the big one; when all the chicken will come home to roost and the fat lady will (or will not) sing.  Am I nervous about it?  You bet.

I have two appointments: with an oncology doctor in the morning and with professor Ko, my surgeon, in the afternoon.  I have number 100 for the oncologist.  His clinic starts at 9, meaning that he’ll see me around 11.30 or so.  A doctor who sees 100 patients in three hours gives each one 1.8 minutes, or 108 seconds.  Is this all the time he’s going to devote to conveying this life-and-death information?  Mumble a few words, point to a few charts, and send me away?  That seems unbelievably cruel.  Especially, of course, if the information is negative.  The NTU doctors know a lot about illnesses but not very much about patients.



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