getting the results

We are going back up to Taipei this morning to get reports from all the tests I took last week. My friend Mei-hong is coming with us.  She is wise, motherly, endlessly generous and very funny (and also, year after year, voted as one of the best NCTU professors in student surveys).  Just the kind of person you need around on these kinds of occasions.

The prospect that there could be cancer in my lungs and liver is of course particularly worrying.  Yet it must be better to get information about a very early-stage lung cancer today than to get information about a very late-stage lung cancer in five year’s time.  More information must still be my best friend.

Yet no amount of positive thinking can hide the fact that I’m terrified.  I’m starting to think I’m just to weak to cope with life.  Too emotional.  Too hysterical.


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