broccoliI’m eating broccoli.  A bowl-load a day.  Broccoli contains a lot of anti-oxidants and anti-oxidants help repair cells and prevent cancers.  There are stories about people who complete cure themselves from cancer by going on an all-broccoli diet.  No doubt much of this broccoli propaganda is urban legend, but some of it is surely science.

Green tea is great too.  And berries.  It’s their large tea consumption that keeps cancer rates low among the Japanese and their large berry consumption that keeps Finns healthy.

For me, eating broccoli, berries and drinking tea implies no sacrifices.  I adapt easily.  I even like what broccoli tastes like.  “The only problem,” I say to my friend Zhiben, “is that broccoli gives you gas.”  “No,” he assures me.  “Not in Taiwan.”  Unfortunately Zhiben, I think you’re wrong.

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