Take a look at this receipt!

receiptTake a look at this receipt.  It’s my medical bill for 33 sessions of radiation and chemotherapy at the NTU hospital.  The total cost is 37,251 NT ($1,195 US or 630 GBP).  What I’m paying, however, is a mere 100 NT — $3.20.  The rest is paid by the national medical insurance.  And remember, we are talking mayor cancer treatment here: super-duper doctors, latest high-tech equipment, at the best university hospital in the country.  “Socialized medicine,” I love it!  And I love paying the taxes that support it.

In November of this year, Americans have a chance to vote for a president who will put a similar system in place in the US (OK, it won’t be quite as good, but it’ll be something similar).  I wonder what Americans will decide?  What is best — a system that protects everyone at a minimal cost or a system that only protects some people together with the profits of the insurance companies?  How long can they go on cheating you before you realize you’ve been cheated?


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