lazy weekend in Tainan

tainan dutch fotressWe’re back from our mini-vacation in Tainan.  I can’t remember when I spent a lazier weekend.  Despite all the historical and cultural attractions of the city, we barely left the hotel!  I’m recovering from a cancer operation, remember?  I don’t have to do history and culture.  All I have to do is to call up room service.

After sleeping in late, we moseyed over to the next-door mall for lunch and dinner and did a precision-bombing taxi expedition to two Dutch-built 17th century fortresses.  Other than that, we watched the Olympic Games on a Japanese TV channel in our room.

A taxi driver we talked to was very lyrical concerning Tainan’s attractions.  Its habitants are obviously very proud of their city.  Tainan is calm, cute, and well-organized.  There are temples and old shops everywhere.  We clearly have to give it more of a chance on another occasion.

For a few days I forgot that I have cancer.  I forgot what I’ve gone through and what I have yet to go through.  Returning to this web page after a few days, I can’t understand why I’m writing about this topic.


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