my right ear

It seems a measure of sensitivity is returning to my right ear.  Yeah!  The doctors said they took out the relevant nerves and that I’d lose feeling in it.  At the time, I didn’t complain too much since I was delighted they didn’t permanently disable my right arm (which also could have happened).  But for the past three weeks it’s been very strange to sleep on the right side of my head.  Instead of my ear, I’ve slept on a slab of hamburger meat someone put on the pillow.  And although my hearing isn’t impaired, it’s been weird to speak on the phone.  But now, perhaps, I’m getting my ear back.  Perhaps enough nerves survived?  Perhaps my body found a way to reroute the circuits?

I’m also off the pain killers (except for occasional Paracetamols in the afternoon).  My gash feels tight and numb but it isn’t actually painful.

I have another week before my treatment begins.  I’ll be almost back to normal.


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