Tim Minchin, doctor of the soul

There is a lot of vague talk about the “importance of keeping your spirits up” during cancer treatment.  Apparently, unless your spirits are kept up, the cancer will get you.  “Laughs,” many proverbs in many languages tell us, “prolong your life.”  Somehow or another I’m not convinced.  Your cancer cells aren’t just another audience to win over.  If they decide to go for you, you’ll die, and your good mood has nothing to do with it.

Still, meet my new friend Tim Minchin.  He is a 33 year old Australian pianist and writer of funny songs.  I discovered him on Friday and I’ve been playing him on the computer constantly ever since (YouTube has a lot of clips).  I always loved witty lyrics and Minchin is a perfect update of Tom Lehrer.  He is outrageous, very smart, very silly, and my god can he play the piano.

Listening to Tim Minchin passes the time.  And I’m into time passing at the moment.  But there is more to it.  Minchin reminds me of how infinitely creative people can be.  How much wit and imagination that potentially exists within our brains. Listening to him makes me want to write, think, create stuff.

In interviews, Tim Minchin expresses a lot of doubt regarding the value of what he’s doing.  “It’s just art,” he says, “what’s the point of that?”  Well Tim, for me, right now, what you’re doing makes a hell of a difference.  You won’t cure my body, but you’re nourishing my soul.


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