it’s all good

I’m back from the big hospital in Taipei.  Everything’s fine.  Fine, fine, fine.  I wasn’t so sure at first.  Dr. Hong studied the X-ray of my lungs with great attention.  But then he turned to me and said: “the shape of your heart indicates that you have problems with hypertension.”  Now an oncologist who talks to you about blood-pressure is an oncologist who has nothing serious to talk about.  “Yes,” I admitted, “I’ve had problems with hypertension for a couple of years.”

Leaving Hong’s office is suddenly dawned on me: “it’s over,” it’s all over, the cancer is gone, I’m a normal person again, with a normal persons different aiments and complaints. A normal person is good.  All I wanted to be a year ago is a normal person.  Now it’s happened.  I’ll have many, many more years to live.


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