man against the machine

I’m starting to really resent the linear accelerator, the large radiation machine.  There I am, strapped down, with no means of defending myself, as it circulates around my head for ten minutes a day, bombarding me with laser beams that make my throat, my mouth and gums swell up.  I leave the machine after 10 minutes all warm, red and throbbing.  On the train on the way back home my stomach begins churning and I have to focus all my attention on not throwing up.  Later in the evening, the swelling goes down and instead I dry out.  I get drier and drier, to the point where the tissue in my throat cracks and starts bleeding.  Waking up in the morning, I dread returning to this machine.  I know it’s going to hurt me again.

This of course is also the machine that’s going to save me.  This technology is my best hope of a permanent recovery.

Modern society is like modern medicine.  Societies too are strapped to technologies that damage us while promising salvation.  We are all the subjects of machines, hurt and then saved by the inhuman.


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