more water, new life

manguoOutside of my study there is a little balcony with a mango tree in a pot.  We bought it in the flower market in town a year ago — mangoes, to me, are such a symbol of exoticism and the tropics.  Since I haven’t properly been to my study since I was diagnosed with cancer in July, I haven’t looked at the pot.  Today after taking a slightly awkward cat-bath of a shower, I suddenly noticed the tree had a new plume of bright green leaves.  I filled up a bucket with water and poured over it.  It drank greedily.  It’s still warm outside — over 30 Celsius — but the sun is less powerful than a month ago.  The earth in the pot smelled heavy and rich, like the earth where I used to dig for worms as a kid back in Sweden.  I gave the mango another dousing of water.

I thought about those sprouting green leaves all through the radiation today.  Water, water, water — and new life.


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