things my cancer taught me 2: I’m a wuz

I now know my limits as an adventurer.  I can’t simultaneously live on a little tropical island in the South China Sea and go through cancer treatment.  I have to face one challenge at a time.  For now, the cancer is more urgent.

In order to deal with it, I’ve almost completely sequestered myself in a European world.  I read British and Swedish papers online and I leave BBC Radio 4 running live throughout the day.  I’m in better contact with my Swedish family than I’ve been for years.  When Diane drives me to the High Speed Train, I can’t understand why everything suddenly looks so Chinese.  When I write an email to my wonderful Chinese teacher to update her on the situation, I use English.  How embarrassing is that!!!

My cancer taught me that I’m a wuz.  I can only face one challenge at a time. First cancer, then Chinese (fighting cancer just might turn out to be slightly easier than learning Chinese, lets hope so anyway).


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