losing my hair

confuciusEver since my operation I haven’t bothered to shave.  When you have a large gash going from your ear to your chin you don’t particularly feel like shaving.  As a result I’ve become fairly hairy.  It’s not a beard exactly since it’s too scraggly, but it’s definitely facial hair.  My almost-a-beard is a great source of amazement to everyone at the hospital.  Chinese men, in general, don’t do beards very well (cf. Confucius to the left).

But now it seems my facial hair is going.  My bed looks like a shaggy dog had slept in it — hair everywhere.  It’s not the chemotherapy that’s having an effect, but the radiation.  After all, they are shooting me pretty hard each day on both sides of my neck.  If they want to get to the cancer, a few follicles aren’t allowed to stand in the way.

The hair on top of my head, I’m happy to report, shows no sign of going anywhere.

Sept 18th update: the hair on my head is actually starting to come off.  In big tufts.  I was too self-confident.  Should I start wearing a bandana?  I think not.


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