what I’m taking

This is a short list of the different drugs I’m taking at the moment.  None of it is heavy stuff, but there is a lot to remember:

  • Oralbalance, “dry mouth moisterizing.”  It’s a gluey, slightly sweet-tasting, paste I put on my toungue at night and whirl around in my mouth.  It doesn’t work that well.
  • Novamin, a little pill I’m supposed to take 30 minutes before every meal, but I usually forget.  I think it’s supposed to eliminate nausea induced by the chemo.
  • Prometin, an even smaller pill I’m supposed to take 30 minutes after each meal.  It’s also supposed to deal with nausea, I think.  I almost always forget to take it.
  • Physiomer, French-made nasal spray I use in the evening.  Claims it contains eau de mer naturelle.  I wonder if it’s the Atlantic or the Mediterranean?  I would prefer the Atlantic.  The water is deeper there and the fish are bigger and feistier.
  • Sympt-X, the notorious $238 dollar jar of amino acids.  I’m supposed to dissolve three scoopers a day in ordinary water.  I’m still not convinced it actually makes a difference, and I don’t think I’ll get another jar when this one runs out.
  • Alpraline, a little orange sleeping pill.  Not very powerful, but nice to have around.
  • Halcion, little blue-gray sleeping pills my mother sent me over the mail.  They aren’t very strong either and I usually take them after I wake up at 2.30 at night.
  • Comfflam, a spray for inflamed mouths.  It’s a green, slightly minty, slightly alcoholic, liquid.  It works great when I’m in need of a quick fix.  It has a long nozzle which makes it possible to spray right in the very back of my mouth.
  • Nacid, regular pills against volcanic stomach.
  • Mycostatin, the notorious anti-fungal mouth medicine.  It comes as a dry powder at the bottom of a little bottle.  You add water and shake it around.  It tastes and looks a lot like curdled milk.  I’m taking it every six hours — including at 2.30 at night.  It really, really works.
  • Acemet Retard, anti-inflammatory, green and white pills.
  • Tinten, regular acetaminophen painkiller.
  • Biotène, French mouth wash, with calcium.
  • Ibuprofen, regular over-the-counter painkiller.  A do a bit of self-medication with this when I feel particularly rotten.
  • Diovan and Norvasc, a little red and a little white pill against high blood pressure.  Works great.
  • Centrum, A to Zink.  These are just regular vitamin pills.  I would take more than one a day, but Dr Ding insists I shouldn’t overdose on vitamin E.
  • In addition, of course, I get the chemotherapy.  The main component here is something called Cisplatin but they also give me all kinds of steroids and things (Primperan, Kytril, Rinderon, Prometin, Novamin and Sodium Chloride).


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