week 5 round-up

week 5I stayed in bed most of this weekend.  I was very tired and very dry, but there are only two and a half weeks to go.  The weekdays have a way of passing quite quickly once they start.  Lets hope that’s true for the coming week as well.  I have now had oatmeal twice a day for nine days.

Sept 22, Monday: Doctor Ding Day! My fungal infection has disappeared and we’re all very happy about that.  I’ve lost another two kilos – seven altogether – and Ding insists that she’ll insert a feeding tube through my nose next week if I’ve lost any more.  Had some egg-drop soup for dinner.  Pretty good really.

Sept 23, Tuesday: Slept well and felt OK in the morning, but I complained to Dr Hong about my stiff neck.  “It’s fibrosis,” he said.  “Once you’re done with the treatment, you can eat vitamin E and that should help.”  After today’s radiation session it was impossible to straighten my head.  People on the Taipei subway looked at me funny.  Fibrosis, huh?  But then it struck me: Hong talked about “after the treatment”!  “After the treatment,” what wonderful words!  One day, soon, this ordeal will be over.


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