great to take a break

I’m really happy this morning.  I went to the big hospital in Taipei yesterday and talked to professor Ko and Doctor Ding.  They were both very positive.  “Your mouth is healing nicely,” said professor Ko.  “Every day you will get better and better.”  “Your neck isn’t so stiff anymore,” said Ding, “you have almost completely recuperated.”

So, the three weeks it would take to recover was just an average which doesn’t apply in my case.  The fact that I still can’t eat solid food is nothing to worry about.  I just have to take it easy.  Be patient.  Everything will be OK.

And the best thing of all:  I don’t have another doctor’s appointment for two whole months.  Not until January.  That’s when they’ll do the lung scan, the blood samples and the MRI.  But by then I’ll be firmly settled into my new routine.  I’ll be eating broccoli by the bucket-fulls, I’ll be swimming 10 lapses a day, and meditating like a Bodhisattva.

It’s great to take a break from my cancer for a while.



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