write a book about it?

In the last couple of days it’s struck me that maybe I should write a book about my experiences of having cancer.  I have quite a unique perspective on the Taiwanese health care system.  There are not many foreign patients at NTU hospital, actually I never met a single one.  Perhaps it would be interesting for Taiwanese people to read about my experiences?  If I write it in English, maybe my friend Tsung-yi could translate …

One idea is to write a social science thingy regarding health care in different societies and compare Taiwan with other cases.  There is a lot of interesting material here.  Not least since Paul Krugman, this year’s Nobel Prize winner in economics, always is telling people how the US needs a health care system “just like Taiwan’s.”  Check this out, and this, and this.

Another idea is to use stuff I’ve already written on this blog and write a far more personal book.  Maybe I could even start to fictionalize my experiences a bit (although I’m not much of a fiction writer).  Or maybe I could combine the social science idea with the personal idea and write about both at the same time?  Can this be done?

The main purpose of writing something would be to thank my doctors — professor Ko, doctor Hong and doctor Ding — for helping me out in such a great way.  A book would be a suitable tribute.  What about a title like “My Cancer Diary: How the Taiwanese Health System, and My Blog, Saved My Life”?


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