my doctors

Now I have finally managed to get hold of some photos of my three doctors.  These are the three people in whose hands I have entrusted my life.  And so far, they have done a really amazing job of it.  May it long continue.

This man to the right is professor Ko.  He is the surgeon who took out all the lymph nodes in June.  This must be a photo from his graduation, or maybe when he got a PhD.  Anyway that was really quite some years ago.  Now he is a man in his early 50s, I think, but it’s difficult to say for sure since he always wears a face mask when I meet him.  What’s most exceptional about professor Ko are his hands.  The fingers are very long and very muscular.  They are real surgeon’s fingers, or the fingers of a concert pianist.  He immediately makes you feel that you are “in good hands.”

The person to the left here is professor Hong.  He is my oncologist.  The best oncologist in Southeast Asia someone said.  He has an amazing way with his patients — all those poor old smokers with throat cancer.  He gives them all a lot of attention and a friendly smile.  On Tuesdays he sees some 150 patients in a day.  No case is easy; all of his cases are serious.  I find it really amazing that there are people who are prepared to care for those of us who are in most desperate need.

The last photo — to the right here — is doctor Ding.  This photo too must have been taken some time ago.  Dr. Ding is a little older now and a bit more like a cake-baking aunt.  She is my radiology doctor and she always tells me to eat more.  She too is friendly and cheerful.

Btw, I threw out the rest of my cocaine and morphine today.  I’m not using it anymore and I don’t want to have it around in case the kids find it.  I just poured the illegal substances down the drain. That’s how much of a junkie I am.  I could have passed it on to some party-going student, I suppose.  Oh well.


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