It is now three months since my treatment finished.  Progress has been very slow, measured in weeks rather than days.  I’m still too dry to sleep properly.  I wake up at 1 or 3 or 4.30 — and usually I go to the computer and start writing. I’ve written a lot in the last three months.  I like writing.  While the body emprisons, the spirit sets you free.

I can eat more than I used to.  Now I regularly have porridge for lunch and I’m experimenting with solids for dinner — I had spaghetti and tomato sauce yesterday.  The sauce was nice, the pasta was dry and sort of lifeless.  I got tired of chewing it all after a while, but much of it went down and I shouldn’t complain.

My boss, professor Lee, and Mei-hung, my lovely colleague, stopped by to cheer me up.  They are waiting for me to come back to work at the end of February.  Thankfully our vacation has not even started yet — we have Chinese New Year’s on January 26th.  Then there is a month of vacation and then school begins again.  I’m going to be there!

I’m off for more tests on Tuesday coming.  More reports will follow.

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