My arm was twisted

I am going to Paris after all. My arm was twisted, a gun was held to my head. And more importantly, I think I came up with something worth talking about. This is my schedule:

June 8th, very early: arriving in Paris. If I’m not too tired, I’ll try to make it to the Bibliothèque nationale for some research.
June 9th, 9.00-12.00: research seminar at Sciences-Po.  I will talk about my recent paper on “How to Fight Savage Tribes.”  14.00-18.00: lecture at Sciences-Po (with Bruno Latour).  I will talk about “Governance of Globalization” — something about  traditional East Asian ways of organizing international relations.
June 10, 14.00-18.00: lecture and seminar at the University of Antwerp.  More governance and more globalization.
June 11: back to Paris; Bibliothèque nationale.
June 12, 13:30: lecture at Sciences-Po. Something from my article on “Inter-textual Relations.”
June 13-14: sightseeing and hopefully some research.
June 15: back to Taiwan.
A pretty action-packed program in other words.  Mostly I worry about not being able to eat anything much — where is my next bowl of oatmeal going to come from?  But they have soup in France, don’t they?  Of course they do.

If you’re in Paris or Belgium any of these dates, we can meet up. This, btw, is the globalization talk I’ll give (written up as a research paper):

Erik Ringmar, “The Governance of Globalization: Two East Asian Solutions to a Europe-Made Problem”

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