What I’m really worth

Paying taxes in Taiwan is a great joy.  First of all they are only about 10% which to a Swede is nothing more than spare change.  More importantly, the people in the tax office are exceedingly cheerful and friendly. We got in there at the last moment, as always, stressed out, tired, and with various documents and photo copies in badly organized piles.  The woman on the other side of the counter just smiled and said “I’ll help you!”  — which she proceeded to do.  And the best thing of all — I’m getting money back!  Not a lot, but enough to go totally crazy buying fruit and veg in the local market.

Btw, I made 1,856,845 NT last year. That’s 57,368 dollars US, 35,018 pounds, or 427,502 krona.  That’s about 2/3 of what I made in London, but since taxes are lower and Taiwan is only about half as expensive, we are actually much better off than before (at least as long as we don’t engage in any foreign travel).  Did you think professors were better paid?  Yes many people with a similar level of education make more.  However, professors never really have to work very much.  Ha, ha.

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