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CNN anchor reads academic book!

Jamie FlorCruz is CNN’s leading man in China, and in his “Jamie’s China” column he is quoting my Mechanics of Modernity:

Within its Great Wall, China has exerted strong control over its people. From the era of feudal warlords to modern China, rulers have been obsessed with avoiding bottom-up peasant revolts. The perpetual question in the minds of all Chinese was how chaos could best be avoided,” writes Erik Ringmar in “The Mechanics of Modernity in Europe and East Asia. “Political thought as it developed from the earliest times onward, including Daoism, Legalism and Confucianism, was more than anything attempts to answer this question.”

My appreciation for CNN achor persons just went up by 500%. It turns out they are even reading fat and, lets face it, not very appealing-looking academic books. If you don’t mind a pdf of my original manuscript, you can download it here.


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