An anarchist experiment: set your own grades

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Dear students!

The point of this course is to help you think for yourself and in new ways. I want to encourage creativity and enthusiasm. I want you to understand just how much fun it is to discover new perspectives on the world. Yet these goals don’t fit very well with the disciplinary aspects of a university teacher’s job.  As a teacher you are supposed to grade, rank and fail your students. I would much rather not do any of this. My classes are about the very opposite of discipline.

What would happen if I gave you the chance to set your own grades?  Yes, that’s right, I just said: what would happen if I gave you the chance to set you own grades?  Would you stop coming to class?  Would you stop studying?  If you are at the university in order to credentialize yourself, you probably would. Well, good for you.  But even better for the rest of us. The rest of us, once the classroom has been transformed into a discipline-free zone, would finally be able to focus on what a university education is all about.

Should we try it?

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