POLS 102, International relations

This course provides a basic introduction to the academic study of international relations. We will cover theories of international politics and discuss major issue areas such as war and security, international organizations, international political economy, diplomacy and international law. Every week we will also discuss issues that appear in the news.

The course is held on Zoom, Wednesdays between 5.30 and 8.30 pm. The course will mainly be conducted in the form of lectures, but active student participation is expected. The final grade will be based on mid-term (33%), final exam (33%) and class participation, including contribution to our “in the news” section. (33%).

All the material on the web page is required, apart from the “lecture notes” (click on the icon under “topics”). Please make sure to join our Telegram group where we discuss the week’s material. Click on this link.

Don’t forget to click at the radio station featured at the bottom each page. The radio stations are not a part of the course, but they are fun. Chances are you haven’t listened to these stations before.

These are some podcasts that might interest you:

The calendar icon at the bottom of each page gives you access to the themes of the course. We will cover one theme each week.

Please get in touch via Telegram, or email, if you have any problems or queries.