POLS 400, Non-Western IR Theory

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This course surveys theories of international relations which have their origin outside of the West. We will discuss both classical texts and more recent contributions. The focus will be on theories that question the preeminence of the nation-state system propagated by the West. We are interested in hierarchical world orders, in how empires are formed and maintained, and in relations with “barbarians” beyond the empire’s borders. We will also look at pan-Arabism and pan-Africanism, as well as Eurasianism and Chinese IR theory.

Active participation in class discussions is expected. The final grade will be determined by class participation, a mid-term and a final exam. The class participation includes presentations.

The class meets on Thursdays, 13.30-16.20 in room ITBF B-03. A Zoom option will also be provided for those who follow the course online.

The class has a Telegram group. It is essential that you join.