Current projects

My next book book, Moving Bodies: Embodied Minds and the World that We Made, is coming out with CUP at the end of 2022. I will certainly go on writing about this topic, but first I want to do a book version of a TED talk I gave a few years back. Let’s see how that goes.

You can read some of my more recent writings below.

How to Write an Academic Paper

How to Write an Academic Paper This is an updated and improved version of my cult classic, “How to Write an Academic Paper.” The aim is not to provide yet another article on scientific methods, but instead to tell students about what I take to be the very core of

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Muslim Calls to Prayer in the Swedish Welfare State

Muslim Calls to Prayer in the Swedish Welfare State This article discusses the heated public debate which erupted in Sweden in the spring of 2018 regarding the right of Muslim congregations to issue public calls to prayer by means of loudspeakers. Critics complained that the calls were noisy and disturbing,

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What Are Public Moods?

What Are Public Moods? ‘Public moods’ are often referred to in laymen’s accounts of public reactions to socialevents, yet the concept has rarely been invoked by social scientists. Taking public moodsseriously as an analytical concept, this article relies on recent work on the moods of individuals as a means of

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What Benedict Anderson Doesn’t Understand about the Imagimation

What Benedict Anderson Doesn’t Understand about the Imagination This is a 3,000 word piece I wrote for the E-International Relations website. It discusses Benedict Anderson’s theory of nationalism, and his famous claim that nations are “imagined communities.” I agree with Anderson. Nations are indeed imagined communities, but Anderson knows next

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My Ramadan

My Ramadan It was always obvious that I was going to fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Diane, my wife, felt the same way. I am in Turkey to work, but also to learn things, and Islam is one of the things I want to learn more about. Ramadan

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Don’t Build Kanal İstanbul!

Don’t Build Kanal Istanbul! Some 112 ships pass through the Bosphorus every day, or 41,112 ships per year. These are freighters and tankers, cruise-ships and military vessels. Everything that arrives at, or leaves, the five countries along the Black Sea coast must come through the Bosporus. In addition, of course,

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