Elementor #6814

“the only reason they asked me [to give the Open Day speech] is that everyone reasonable already has buggered off on their respective Easter vacations.”

My Ramadan

My Ramadan It was always obvious that I was going to fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Diane, my wife, felt the same way. I am in Turkey to work, but also to learn things, and Islam is one of the things I want to learn more about. Ramadan provides a unique way to […]

Don’t Build Kanal İstanbul!

Don’t Build Kanal Istanbul! Some 112 ships pass through the Bosphorus every day, or 41,112 ships per year. These are freighters and tankers, cruise-ships and military vessels. Everything that arrives at, or leaves, the five countries along the Black Sea coast must come through the Bosporus. In addition, of course, there are the regular ferries […]

Why I’m not applying for research funding

In Sweden a successful academic career requires you to apply for research funding. If you don’t get funding, they say, it’s difficult to do research. You end up teaching too much and you have no money to buy books or to travel. The pecking order of prestige is determined by who can get what grant.  […]

Comments on Comments

My short, 1,500, word piece with “Comments on McCloskey and Weingast” was just published in Scandinavian Economic History Review. You can read it here. Remarkable how this happened. Once I finally realized that McCloskey had discussed my work to some considerable extent in her original article, I contacted the editors of the journal and suggested that I’d write […]

A newer, more radical, modernity

I just finished another article, “A Newer, More Radical, Modernity: A Prolegomena to a Politics of the Potential.” You can read it here.  The abstract goes like this: Radical politics in modern society was premised on a constructivist ontology which now increasingly has been abandoned in favor of political solutions based on an ontology of self-organization. […]

Comments on McCloskey and Weingast

I wrote this brief, 5-page, article in response to the articles by Deirdre McCloskey and Barry Weingast in the Scandinavian Economic History Review. You can read the whole article here. A few quotes: “McCloskey is provocative to be sure, passionate as always, but also perfectly persuasive. Yet something is still missing from the analysis.” “Barry […]

McCloskey on Why Europe Was First

This is an excerpt from an article by Deirdre McCloskey where she discusses my book Why Europe Was First. You can read the whole article here. These are my own comments on her article. You can download a pdf of my book here. / / / The Swedish political scientist Erik Ringmar’s answer to the […]