McCloskey on Why Europe Was First

This is an excerpt from an article by Deirdre McCloskey where she discusses my book Why Europe Was First. You can read the whole article here. These are my own comments on her article. You can download a pdf of my book here. / / / The Swedish political scientist Erik Ringmar’s answer to the […]

Uncle Bob in Lund

Of all our family members, it is really only Uncle Bob who regularly comes to visit. He visited us when we lived in Shanghai, in north London and now in Lund. Yes, he was in Lund last night, our little medieval university town in southern Sweden. I brought Diane and two daughters. Blood is thicker […]

More on internal exile

I’ve thought a lot about the internal exile which Brexit/Trump seems to have confined me to. It’s not good, it’s not responsible. As though I didn’t care anymore.  I was somewhat encouraged to read this from Tracy B. Strong, written in 2008 and relation to the Bush presidency, not Trump: “In what does tyranny consist? […]

Internal exile

I’ve gone into an external exile. I don’t follow the news anymore, don’t read things on-line and I don’t watch TV. It was Trump and Brexit that did it. I guess I’m in denial. I just don’t want to hear about any of it, I don’t want to follow the ins and outs of what […]

My web pages are back up again

These web pages have existed in various incarnations for some 15 years. During the last two years, however, they have been down more than up. I switched from WordPress to Joomla and it first it was a great choice. Joomla is powerful and I could do a lot of things that weren’t possible on WordPress. […]

Climbing trees, 爬樹

In a recent post I made fun of Chinese English. I’m sorry. It wasn’t right. We are all struggling to speak different languages and I know only too well how stupid you end up sounding most of the time. Take my latest Chinese homework, for example (no, my teacher has not looked at it yet): […]

free download

My recent book, A Blogger’s Manifesto, is now available as a free download from the Internet Archive. Check this out: Erik Ringmar, A Blogger’s Manifesto: Free Speech and Censorship in the Age of the Internet or here in Chinese translation. You can naturally still buy it from Amazon or whatever (the cover is nice, and […]

Bad Samaritans

The October 8, 2009, issue of New York Review of Books has a review by William Easterly, “The Anarchy of Success,” of Ha-Joon Chang’s latest book, Bad Samaritans.  No, he doesn’t like it very much.  I’m surprised Easterly comes across as such a free-market enthusiast. That’s unusual for something writing in the NYRB.  This is not to say, however, […]