Judith Butler is an American feminist and philosopher who in October 2017, unbenownst to herself, became the topic of a heated controversy at Lund University, Sweden. The issue at stake was not really Butler but rather academic freedom. Or, to be more precise, the right of university teachers to teach their own courses in their own fashion. I strongly defended this right. Most students and faculty members at Lund U seem to have disagreed. We ended up having a discussion about it.

The whole brouhaha concluded in a most unexpected fashion. Judith Butler herself -- the Judith Butler -- intervened to say that she strongly agrees with me. That's right. And not ambiguously either, but with zest, gusto and emphasis. Judith ex machina!.

By now newspapers all over Europe have written about the story, including Le Monde and Züddeutsche Zeitung. Read more here. Below are my two main contributions to the debate.

So, whose side are you on?


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