I turn 48 today. Birthdays used to make me sad — “another year gone by,” “only x number of years to retirement,” etc … But this birthday is special. For a while there I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get to have it. But I am. And let me tell you, having a birthday is […]

did I make 48?

This post is scheduled for publication today but I didn’t write it today.  I wrote it on August 2, 2008, in the middle of the summer, two weeks after my diagnosis for cancer. This is my birthday.  I was born on December 10, 1960.  Today is the day when I would have turned 48 years […]

finally feeling better

I haven’t written here for a while.  It’s nice not to write on this blog.  It means that nothing bad is happening.  No news is good news. But now I want to tell you that I’m finally starting to feel better.  I had gröt, porridge, for the first time yesterday and it went OK  The step […]

no thanks given

I don’t know what’s happening.  I’m still not getting any better.  In fact there haven’t been any real improvements for the whole past month.  I can still only eat soup and at night I wake up every two hours since my mouth is completely dried out. Actually the last few days have been terrible.  Maybe […]

beau-ootiful soo-oop

Every meal Diane makes soup for me.  I could do it myself, I guess, but she has a special recipe that she won’t tell me.  I guess it’s because it contains a lot of super-fatty things (real cream, real butter) that she knows I wouldn’t put in the soup if I was cooking it myself. […]

my doctors

Now I have finally managed to get hold of some photos of my three doctors.  These are the three people in whose hands I have entrusted my life.  And so far, they have done a really amazing job of it.  May it long continue. This man to the right is professor Ko.  He is the surgeon who […]

write a book about it?

In the last couple of days it’s struck me that maybe I should write a book about my experiences of having cancer.  I have quite a unique perspective on the Taiwanese health care system.  There are not many foreign patients at NTU hospital, actually I never met a single one.  Perhaps it would be interesting […]

back to work

I’m returning to work and it’s really great.  I’ve started reading and writing again.  There is a lot of stuff I should have done in the last couple of months and  now I’m dealing with the backlog: two edited volumes I’m supposed to edit, an article on boredom and war (yes!) and of course my […]

great to take a break

I’m really happy this morning.  I went to the big hospital in Taipei yesterday and talked to professor Ko and Doctor Ding.  They were both very positive.  “Your mouth is healing nicely,” said professor Ko.  “Every day you will get better and better.”  “Your neck isn’t so stiff anymore,” said Ding, “you have almost completely […]

still not normal

Not that much has happened in the last two weeks. And that’s just the problem. Being able to talk again, getting out of bed, and returning to my family, were great steps forward, but since then there is no progress. I can still only drink soup.  I’ve had soup three times a day for two […]