History of International Relations Textbook

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Talk at Türk-Alman Üniversitesi


  • The need for a text book
  • giving courses and the book emerging as lecture notes
  • low intellectual standard
  • not “politically correct” — just “correct”
  • the European version of world history is “fake news”

The idea of international systems

  • English School
  • forced to take each other into account
  • bounded — in space
  • alternative ways of thinking about international politics

Nomadic alternatives

  • the relative unimportance of the state until recently …
  • this is not the only story we can tell

The Westphalian system

  • sovereignty
  • territoriality
  • functional equality
  • plurality of states — terribly war prone …

Other systems

  • not necessarily territoriality …
  • more like a subway map
  • hierarchical — more organized
  • often dominant power —
  • independence, but not really
  • no functional equality
  • turning towards the center

Things I did not know …

  • show some pictures

Walls and bridges

  • culture vs. civilization


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