Primary sources: The Great Wall


These are some of the sources I’ve relied on when writing about the Great Wall.

Visits to the Great Wall

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About the Great Wall

  • James Boswell, Life of Johnson, 1791

    Boswell, James. Boswell’s Life of Johnson. Vol. 2. 2 vols. London: London and New York : Macmillan, 1894. He talked with an uncommon animation of travelling into distant countries: that the mind was enlarged by it, and that a acquisition of dignity of character was derived from it. He expressed a Read More
  • Arthur Waldron, The Great Wall of China, 1990

    / / / Some Chinese, to be sure, wanted exclusion and at various time s advocated wall-building to accomplish it. But others argued for trade and diplomacy, or in effect for peaceful coexistence with the nomads. It occurred to me that rather than being a given, almost an aspect of Chinese [3] culture, Read More
  • Catholic Encyclopedia, "Jean-Baptiste Régis"

    Born at Istres, Provence, 11 June, 1663, or 29 Jan., 1664; died at Peking, 24 Nov., 1738. He was received into the Society of Jesus, 14 Sept. 1683, or 13 Sept. 1679, and in 1698 went on the Chinese mission, where he served science and religion for forty years, and Read More
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