1. Setup and introduction

This is the Corona virus edition of our introductory course on international politics. Before analog classes were suspended on March 16, we had covered all the material up to the topic of “Security and War.” Online courses are different from real-life courses of course, but they are not necessarily worse. Everything depends on how often you log on to the web pages and how much you interact with them. I will do my best to make sure that there are different kinds of readings, video clips and exercises available. You will learn things. The course, just as life, will go on.

The course provides a basic introduction to the academic study of international relations. We will cover theories of international politics and discuss major issue areas such as war and security, international organizations, international political economy, and international law. Every week we will also read a classical text and discuss issues that appear in the news.

The course will mainly be conducted in the form of lectures, but active student participation is expected. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss the material we cover. Students are also expected to do one presentation. The final grade will be based on mid-term (33%), final exam (33%) and class participation (33%).

This is a good, free, textbook which introduces you to many of the themes we will discuss:

The textbook can be downloaded as a pdf here.

In addition to the class discussions, we will watch a couple of movies:

The online learning experience

This, btw, is that students at other universities have thought about online teaching (no, they are not very happy).

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Professor Plum’s Playlist

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