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The annual Kire Ramgnir award

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The London School of Ergonomics and Patriarchal Science just announced that a new prize — the Kire Ramgnir Award — has been instituted to reward courageous actions in defence of the right to free speech. The first recipient is Wu Hao, a film-maker and blogger jailed by the Chinese authorities.

‘We are very glad to have this opportunity to do our bit for free speech and the spread of democracy in this part of the world,’ said the School in an official statement. ‘Considering the courageous way in which Kire Ramgnir defied his own department’s ban on his blog, it was obvious that the award should be named after him.’

To regular readers, the fact that Kire Ramgnir is remembered in this fashion is particularly gratifying. Kire was of course the original founder of this blog.


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