ars longa, vita brevis

As long as I keep on talking I’ll be alright.  The Grim Reaper himself will want to hear the end of my story and he’ll delay the execution of his task.  It worked for Scheherazade after all.  Telling one story after another, she eventually saved her life.  I’ll be the Scheherazade of the blogosphere.  I’ll write and write and write.  You’ll never get me.

Having cancer is a great topic for a blogger.  Finally something worthwhile to write about, instead of providing stale comments on something some American politician said on the news.  Sex and death are the only real topics after all, the only topics worth bothering with.  Too bad that what’s good for a writer is so terrible for the human being concerned.  Life and art are always at war with each other.  Ars longa, vita brevis.  Of course I’d much rather live; much rather be a human being than a writer.


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