Marmalade sky

Yeah, I’m back.  Sort of.  It’s day four after the operation and I can eat, drink, talk and walk.  And I can type (although an IV channel in my right hand makes it a little painful).

I was very excited going into the operation and actually very calm about it.  If you have cancer and someone promises to take it away, of course you’re excited.  The calm may have been misplaced, however.  The operation was much bigger than I realized beforehand.  It took over three hours and they took out a lot of stuff.  With a bit of bad luck I could have lost mobility in my right arm.  Well, I didn’t.  Only lost feeling in part of my right ear.  Never mind.

But I still feel like someone slit my throat and I look like Frankenstein’s monster with scars going from my ear to my chin.  I’m on powerful painkillers. One afternoon I dreamed my way through the entire Sergeant Pepper’s album, with tangerine trees and marmalade sky and everything.  It was nice.

The big question is of course how successful the surgeon was.  How much of the cancer that’s gone and how much that’s left.  I’m doing tests later today.  Imagine if the results are positive?  Imagine that they’re negative?  … sigh … all of this is just too hard for me … I wish I was made of sturdier stuff.

Regardless, I should be able to go home soon.  The doctor actually claims that I can go swimming in two weeks’ time.  We’ll see about that.  For now I’m really happy just to sit up, drink papaya juice, eat rice buns and type on the computer.



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