Saga and Beata

Today Saga and Beata came back home to Hsinchu.  They spent the last week with the mother-in-law of Cindy, my colleague from work.  They went to Yilan, on the east-coast of Taiwan where the big mountains drop straight down and the great Pacific Ocean comes crashing in.  In Yilan they learned to cook peanut and tofu dessert; they went to a beauty spa, to a water park and to lots of fancy restaurants.  Besides they played cards and Wii together with Cindy’s son and his cousin.  Saga and Beata seem to have grown up a lot in the past week.  They are more independent, but also, strangely, much taller than I remember.  I’m lucky to have such colleagues as Cindy and her family.  Thank you so much for taking care of my kids.

The whole family is now reunited again.  Lets hope it stays that way.


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