already missing the Olympics

The Taiwanese TV coverage of the Olympics is actually totally abysmal.  A couple of different stations carry the event, but none has spent any money on the production.  They don’t have a proper studio, no invited guests or background reports on the participants.  In the day-time they show a random schedule of synchronized diving and pingpong.  Yawn!  And in the evening they think nothing of breaking off a very exciting gold duel in women’s pole-vaulting in favor of the same old soap opera they show every other day of the year. Ahrrg!

Still, I’ll miss the Olympics when it’s over.  I’m not really such a sports fan, but I like events that attract everyone’s attention around the world.  The Olympics allows you to leave your private lives for a while and participate — even if it’s just as a spectator — in a shared experience.  Collective experiences are always larger than life.  I like larger than life.


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