ha, ha, ha, ha

So, the American government — the George W. Bush, Republican administration — has now nationalized A.I.G., American International Group, the largest insurance company in the US and the world’s 18th largest company.  Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!  Can the Republicans now go on arguing that “the government is the problem, not the solution”?  Or will they finally have to concede that their government only is intended to work for the rich?  Perhaps this is what they call “socialism with American characteristics”?

Of course there must be free markets, but of course those free markets must have strict limits.  Otherwise we’ll always and continuously end up in pickles like this.  Europeans have known this for years, and East Asians — well, pretty much every one but the Americans.

Did you know that A.I.G was founded by a man called Cornelius Vander Starr?  In 1919, Starr made his first pot of gold selling insurance in Shanghai, China.  Maybe the American government now will be forced to sell A.I.G. back to the Chinese. Ha, ha, ha, ha!!!


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