no thanks given

turkeyI don’t know what’s happening.  I’m still not getting any better.  In fact there haven’t been any real improvements for the whole past month.  I can still only eat soup and at night I wake up every two hours since my mouth is completely dried out.

Actually the last few days have been terrible.  Maybe I caught a flu that brought Beata down for a few days.  I’ve been stiff and achy.  And above all, I’ve been very depressed.  Feeling very sorry for myself. I talked to my uncle in Sweden who is an ear/nose/throat specialist.  He claims I’ll be better by Christmas.  I don’t know. It’s now only a month until Christmas, but I can’t see any improvements.

My plan was to have a Thanksgiving party.  With turkey and the trimmings, but above all with friends and colleagues — all the people who have helped me out in such an amazing way during the last couple of months.  But, under the circumstances, the party was canceled.  No thanks were given.


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